Pigment Therapy

I’ve had a rough week.  The weekend started not showing signs of improvement, either.  But on Sunday, I woke up with less pain in the back and neck and was looking at a sunrise that seemed to promise a nice day in store.

One thing that has always made me feel good when life wasn’t going so well was picking up a paintbrush or a pencil and doing something creative.  Getting lost in the messiness of pigment and graphite or calligraphy ink just helped me achieve that rare moment of mindfulness — being completely lost in your creation and forgetting your troubles.

I have this wrought iron patio set that’s just been sitting out in our back yard natural area.  You probably wouldn’t even notice it — rusting and a really depressing dark green.  Heck, even the birds and squirrels won’t sit on it. That speaks volumes.  And go to the local home improvement stores right now, and you’ll have to take out a second mortgage to get a new patio set.

So I got in the car and headed to the local paint store.  I was going to invest some time in “pigment therapy.” I’ve got this thing for that robin’s egg/retro seafoam green color lately.  I picked out my color and headed home. Just that easy.

Here’s the patio furniture BEFORE…

Patio set before - Copy

…and here’s the patio set AFTER!

Patio Set after

Well, I still have two more chairs to do, but that’ll give me something to look forward to on the weekend.

I got so wrapped up in the painting thing and listening to NPR, that I went inside to rifle through the stacks of paint cans I had stored.  Colors I thought would look great in the half bath, but after a few paint strokes, it went right in the closet.  Hmmm…I found it. “Earthen Jug.”  This feels like a challenge…

So I set my sights on this old milk can that I had covered years ago when I was in my “daisies and ladybugs” phase.  It was a perfect candidate in need of some TLC.

Milk Can Before

About 30 minutes later (most of that time spent stirring a 2-year-old can of paint back to life), the results were pretty cool…

milk can after

I’m going to use it as a “side table” for my front porch retreat.

Pigment therapy… it’s amazing what $21 and a little bit of color can do for a run down piece of furniture… or for one’s peace of mind.